Our comprehensive approach to meeting client needs uses a highly consultative approach to construct integrated solutions resulting in having their financial challenges solved and their financial situations enhanced.

We work closely with clients and their other professional advisors on an ongoing basis to identify their specific needs and to design custom solutions to help meet those needs.

Our approach to wealth management uses a single all-encompassing formula:

WM = IC + AP + RM

Wealth Management = Investment Consulting + Advanced Planning + Relationship Management

IC = Investment Consulting- All financial advisors offer Investment Consulting, but not all investment consulting is equal in addressing the clients number one concern. “Preserving clients Wealth”

AP = Advanced Planning Offered by only 6.6% of financial advisors it encompasses the following four areas of financial concern;

AP = WE + WT + WP + CG

WE=Wealth Enhancement = mitigating income taxes (clients #2 concern)

WT=Wealth Transfer  = taking care of heirs (clients # 3 concern)

WP=Wealth Protection =protecting assets from being unjustly taken ( clients #4 concern)

CG=Charitable Giving = designing the strategy to magnify the impact of every charitable gift given (clients # 5 concern)

RM = Relationship Management- involves three key tasks:

1st- Fully understanding clients’ critical needs and meeting those needs over time through a consultative process.

2nd– Assembling and managing a network of financial experts.

3rd– Working effectively with clients’ other professional advisors, such as their attorneys and accountants.

We act as your personal CFO coordinating and making sure you make smart decisions about your money. We help address the key concerns to make sure all areas are systematically addressed.

Investment Advisory Representative of Retirement Wealth Advisors Inc. (RWA), 501 Baldwin Street Suite 203, Jenison, MI 49428 (800) 903-2562. Investment Advisory Services are offered through RWA. Gables Financial Partners and RWA are not affiliated.